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Exhibition: Enjoyable Sex: an Art?

Location: Beautiful Distress House Amsterdam
Duration: January, 20 2024

Invitation flyer

Expositie Wadtkunst

Exposition 'Wadtkunst'

Location: in the warehouse of sea tugboat 'Holland'
Duration: September 30 till Oktober 2 in 2022
Address: Willemskade 5, Harlingen (NL)

Flyer Wadtkunst

Wat wij van bomen kunnen leren...

What we can learn from trees...

For this special exhibition, 33 artists from FRIA, the professional association for visual artists in the Northern Netherlands, are inspired by the BOSK project. 

In the works you see themes such as the connection, meeting, beauty and the power of trees.


Location: NHL Stenden University
May 16 till August 12 in 2022
Address: Leeuwarden (NL)

Flyer BOSK


lente expositie

Contrast spring exposition

Location: 'Kunstwerk! In de Stellingen'
Duration: March 4 till April 21 in 2022
Address: Hoofdstraat Oost 34a, Noordwolde (NL)

Lân en Tiid

Country and time

A duo exhibition by Doet Boersma and Janna van der Meer about the cyclicality of nature in paint and photo collages.

Location: 'De Schierstins'
Duration: August 21 till October 17 in 2021
Address: Haadstrjitte 1, Feanwâlden (NL)


het fotolokaal

Gallery 'Het Fotolokaal'

An exposition with the first works of Skepsel.

Duration: June 27 juni till September 15 in 2020
Address: Kerkstraat 19, Tjerkwerd (NL)

Recorded following the exhibition in

'Het Fotolokaal' (Tjerkwerd) July-August 2020

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