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We are all made of the same material. Only our shape is different.

Cattle are created. Modern chickens, cows, pigs, horses, sheep, goats… they are all creatures in the most literal sense of the word. However, no chicken is the same. Every animal has its own personality.


People may play god when it comes to their livestock, but they have more in common with the animals they breed than they realize. So does the average modern cow not know how to graze, while modern man is starving without a supermarket. We are all domesticated and very much depending on each other.


I live on a farm and handle livestock on a daily basis. I photographed these animals and combined their image with a nature picture from my immediate environment.

In an effort to return them to the elements from which they originate. This, however, often turns out to be impossible. The stamp of man is too great, hence the ear tag that is prominent in some of the photo collages.

The way we treat livestock doesn’t do them a service. In our focus on gain, we ignore who they really are. Too often we close our eyes for their personalities, instincts, preferences and quirks. 

With my photo collages I want to put these beautiful creatures in a different light. So you can see them again and maybe also take glimpses of your own identity. Because in the end we are all made of the same material, only our shape is different.

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fan ûnder de tekkens

riist it skepsel

skonken stinne

swier fan sliep

lapen falle

fan ’t omwuolle liif

dat yn it tsjuster skûle

wekker wurde


sûnt stjoerman holle juster

it hêft út hannen joech

en ik my glydzje liet

yn ’e wide see fan dreamen

dêr’t ús lytse leven yn om dobberet

en ik my oerliet oan ’e tinzen

dy’t as nuvere fisken

dat wetter bewenje

en elkoar sykje en fine

op wizen

dy’t net spylje

yn ’e logika

fan ’e dei

wie ik wei

wie ik wer

no fjil ik my roppen

troch it ljocht en sjoch

in nije moarn

noch mei fochtich flewiel beklaaid

it sêfte riizjen fan ’e sinne

aansten droeget er mij wer

yn ’e foarm

dy’t ik foar dit leven

yn dizze weareld

oannimme moat

elke dei

elke nacht

itselde liet

from under the covers

the creature rises

limbs groan

heavy with sleep

rags fall

from the wrapped body

that hid in darkness




since the helmsman

handed over the wheel yesterday

and I let myself glide

into the wide sea of dreams

In which our little life floats

and I surrendered

to the thoughts

that like strange fish

inhabit those waters

and seek and find each other

in ways

that do not play

in the logic

of the day


i was gone 

i returned


now I feel called

by the light and see

a new morning

still clad in damp velvet

the soft rising of the sun


soon he will dry me again

in the shape

that I have to take

in this life


every day

every night

the same song



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“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep.”


- William Shakespeare

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“Ultimately, we actually all belong to only one tribe, to Earthlings.”


- Jill Tarter

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